NJ illustrator with comic book training specializing in humorous action, caricature, people, automotive, and fine art/limited editions.

Bob C. Hardin is an established commercial illustrator freelancing since 1981. After years of obscurity working with numerous advertising agencies and mid-tier comic book companies, he has become more visible through projects with NASCAR’s Team Red Bull, US Army’s PS Magazine, CARtoon’s Magazine, North Jersey Media Group, ZZ Top, Rob Zombie, Metallica and most recently…Alice Cooper. In addition he is currently completing a graphic novel project “Seven Deadly Sinners” with noted writer Chuck Dixon. Bob also periodically instructs at The Kubert School in Dover, NJ.

Amoeba Music, Blackout Merch, Bravado International Group, Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Ruth Eckerd Hall, US Army, NASCAR Team Red Bull, NJ State Bar Foundation/NJ Law Center, NJ Child Placement Advisory Council, NJ Department of Children & Families, North Jersey Media Group, National Council of Jewish Women, Cracked Magazine/Mega Media, EC Educated Community, Brushfire Advertising, Petersen Publishing CARtoons Magazine, Picturesque Publishing CARtoons Magazine, Gnarly Magazine, DC Comics, Eclipse Comics, Discovery Comics

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